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The school offers a comprehensive educational solution through AMCO , quality education system through a unique teaching methodology based on the emotional, intellectual and social development of each student , providing the necessary tools to face the challenges of society changing , multicultural and competitive today . Teachers integrate in each class :

  • Multiple intelligences

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Generating voice Theory

  • Teaching Tools

  • Thinking Skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Cooperative learning

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Using technology


AMCO English. Preschool.

The Amco bilingual preschool system allows the student to have their first encounter and approach to language gradually and progressively integrating activities according to their age and interests through songs , games and recreational activities in which students use the language English as their second language .

Preschoolers have activities that allow them to recognize and correct phonemes and writing.

AMCO English. Elementary School

Our bilingual system allows students to develop skills of writing, reading , speaking and listening in English in various fields and various topics of general knowledge. Our education system integrates listening activities , reading comprehension, provides students with the necessary vocabulary to communicate effectively using English as their second language and promotes the correct spelling and pronunciation of words and the correct use of grammatical structures.


AMCO English Junior High.

Amco gives a specific approach to the different areas of language study , in order to have a greater impact on students and achieve the objectives. Ninth grade is where bilingual education culminates in our program. Upon completion of this degree , our students have developed a broad analytical view , a reading comprehension skills , extensive vocabulary and tools to express themselves correctly in writing.

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